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4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기

제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 중국 허난
브랜드 이름: Multi-Sweet
모델 번호: CM-3
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 20 PC
가격: FOB+US$66~US$79+ per sets
포장 세부 사항: 20 pc / 통 47*29*18cm 12.7 킬로그램
배달 시간: 5-7 작업 일수
지불 조건: L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 머니그램 ;다릅니다
공급 능력: 20000+sets+5days
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상세 정보

이름: 재단 엠보싱머신 사이즈: 44*23cm
용법: 왁스 파운데이션 시트를 만드세요 유효한 색깔: 푸르고 오렌지색이고 검고 하얗습니다
애플리케이션: 양봉가를 위한 DIY 토대 타입: 설명서
하이 라이트:

Silicone Beeswax Foundation Embosser


Manual Beeswax Foundation Embosser


4.9mm Cell Beeswax Foundation Embosser

제품 설명

44*23cm Silicon Beeswax Press Foundation Embossing Machine

Description of Foundation Embossing Machine
1. Make sure the wax is heated to 125 °C ( 257 °F ) for 30 minutes to kill all bacteria and viruses, which is also how factories make their own foundations from wax. Now you can make it at home easily. And only a small place is required.
2. Foundation Embossing Machine
 works best to pour the wax into the mould when it is at 80 – 90 °C, (176 – 194 °F). Leave it for 60 seconds to cool down then everything is done here. What you need to do is just cut the size, open the mould, and take out the beautiful beeswax foundation sheet!
3. The thickness depends on temperature, and the weight is generally 80 - 150 grams per sheet.
4. For Langstroth sheet: 19.7 cm x 41.7 cm (7.72 x 16.34 inches),Cell size: 5.4 mm or 4.9 mm.
5. Simple to use, easy to carry and good quality to last for at least 20 years.

Application:Foundation Embossing Machine was used for making foundation.
Foundation Embossing Machine is suitable for making low quantity foundation.Or you want to make foundation by yourself.4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 0
Parameters of Foundation Embossing Machine

Product Name Foundation Embossing Machine
make wax foundation sheet, DIY
foundation for beekeeper
Available color



Picture of Foundation Embossing Machine
4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 14.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 24.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 3

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4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 4



Our Service of Foundation Embossing Machine:


You may be happy to find a new reliable factory of beekeeping equipment with superior quality and reasonable price.
We mainly deal with:
(1) Beehive,
(2) Extractor,
(3) Beekeeping Tools,
(4) Protective Clothing,
(5) Feeders,
(6) Queen rearing,
(7) Honey & Wax Processing Machine,
(8) Bee products.
(9) outdoor equipment
(10) beehive making machine

We do think our items and service will profit your business.
Any interest, please contact us. We shall be glad to send the catalog and best quotation.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon and having you as a customer both now and in the future.
4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 5

FAQ of Foundation Embossing Machine:

1.What Methods of Payment Are Acceptable?
We accept L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal and other is also acceptable.

2.Can change the voltage and plugs or not ?
We are manufacturer, mostly products we can change the voltage and plugs.Pls kindly tell me the voltage and plugs that you need before the order.

3.How About The Shipping Cost?
Shipping cost is based on the Number of packages,Gross Weight,Package volume,Destination port
We will choose the most reasonable shipping fee,please contact us for details.


Company Information:
Adhering to the "serve beekeeping benefit mankind" as mission; top quality as basic requirements; "integrity, partnerships and win-win" as development ideas, Multi-sweet develops China’s apiculture continuously through industrial upgrading and technological innovation to contribute to national construction, agricultural income, human health and happiness. Multi-sweet advocates "positive and kind" as values and aims to be the most respected apiculture enterprise in the world.


4.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 64.9 밀리미터 셀과 매뉴얼 실리콘 밀랍 재단 요철 가공기 7

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